Beginner Friendly Strength Workout to Tone your Body

You are short on time, and can’t make it to the gym and have limited equipment. This sounds like a failure but wait. This quick, one weight workout can help you hit your strength training goals with the stuff you’ve got around the house. Here are 5 powerhouse moves to help you tone your body.

  • Squats

Get in a lower body work position and strengthen your thighs, legs and calves with this one weight movement. For this at-home routine, substitute weights for a bag of rice. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and the weight on your heels, hold the object against your chest. Keep the torso upright and elbows pointed down and close to your sides and push your butt back. Lower yourself into the squat until your knees are at about 90° bend. Once you break parallel, get back into standing position by pushing up through your heels, squeezing your glutes. Do at least 8-10 reps.

  • Weighted Lunge

Lunges are great for toning your lower body. Keep your torso upright and shoulders back and relaxed and keep your elbows by your side, hold a weight a few inches in front of you. Step forward with one leg and lower your body down until both knees are at a 90° angle. Then twist your torso and the weight to one side. Come back to the centre, and repeat on the other side. Make sure that your knees don’t go past your toes at the bottom of the movement.

  • Plank

If you think doing as many crunches as possible is the only way to carve your core, you’re mistaken. Put your abs to work with this isometric movement that focuses on core stability. Kneel on the floor, resting both hands on the coffee table. Push your body up, and extend your legs behind you until you’re in a plank position. Press down while keeping your body aligned. Hold for 20 seconds, and build on your endurance each time.

So these are few of the strength training exercise you can do when you have less time to hit the gym.